Fiona and Craig both reside in London, I seem to have a lot of bride and grooms who come ‘home’ to get married, which says a lot for New Zealand, Fiona’s family own a beautiful bach in Waihi Beach Bowentown, they chose to get married at Waterlily Gardens, and┬ákeep their wedding casual and relaxed for all their guests, they had giant connect four, cricket, jenga and an ice-cream cart, the bridal party all wore haviana’s, Fiona strolled around the venue elegantly in her Catherine Dean wedding dress (one of my favourites this season) under a parasol talking to her guests one by one, she ducked away for photographs every now and then but they both wanted to spend as much time as possible with their family and friends, it really was the most amazing day, I don’t think I’ve ever sat down for an ice-cream before at a wedding! I fell in love with the family dog Nathan, he had a hard time resisting the goldfish in the pond, he did well, apparently he took a swim with them at the rehearsal the day before..

Big thank you to Courtney Horwood for 2nd shooting for me.
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