Joanne & Latham were married on Jo’s family farm in rural Te Puke, I love private residences, they always add such a special vibe to the day, their farm was gorgeous, I’m always amazed at the amount of work that must go into keeping a property of that size looking so picture perfect. We chose to do the photographs on the road of the farm and Newdicks Beach, we left ourselves about 15 minutes before the gate to the beach was locked off the evening, if you don’t make it out on time you pay a hefty fine, I drove my car so fast my suspension blew the next day! It was worth it, Newdicks beach is a stunning part of NZ and the bridal party had fun kicking round the beach, Jo & Latham were a super cute couple, Jo is obviously a huge part of Latham’s family already, Latham’s dad was overwhelmed when he saw her walking down the aisle, it reminded me of how special it must be for the parents to see their children get married, that is what marriage is about, connection, the bringing together or two people and their families….LOVE.Maree Wilkinson Photography