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It’s funny to see how many twists and turns a journey can take to lead you back to the beginning.

My love for photography has never been in doubt. I threw my hat in the ring at the tender age of 16, photographing for the school magazine and quickly discovered the delights of the darkroom, toiling for hours on bizarre double exposures and curious collages. I was hooked. I went on to study photography at Wellington School of Design, and travel and adventure lured me overseas soon after.

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Tauranga Wedding Photographer

What started my love of photography was my burning creative energy, I loved toiling away for hours making books, mosaics…anything really, but I was never very good, and I definitely could not draw, but then I grabbed a camera and was delighted that I could create something that actually looked good, and made people smile….
to this day this still keeps me going, watching peoples reactions, the tear in their eye, the relentless smiles beaming across their face, it makes me tick.
With this passion still burning like day one, I am yours on your special day, I feel like the luckiest person around to be able to share so many peoples days and turn it into a story, its not work for me…
it’s my pleasure…
I’m happy to chat about your day, either in person or skype or email, booking a photographer can be daunting and tricky, I have easy straight forward packages which I’m happy to customise to suit you, I work with another photographer to be sure to capture everything for you, I pride myself on the end package, using gorgeous recycled quality products, see more about that here,
When I’m not shooting weddings you’ll usually find me working for NZ magazines, I love editorial photography as I get to meet the most amazing people, with the fantastic stories and achievements.

Thanks for stopping by, head on in and take a look…